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VESC 75/250 v 75/300?

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VESC 75/250 v 75/300?

Both of these VESCs are the same price on Trampa

Why would you pick one over the other other than if your required >250a? I will be driving a 4kw motor at 36v so well within both current ratings.

75/300 says its 7th gen, and 75/250 is 8th gen..

Whats the best choice and why?

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You choose a n ESC according to voltage rating. If you run such low voltage you choose the 75/300, since the mosfets inside that unit can push more currents. The mosfets in the 100/250 have higher resistance and you cant push as many amps. However, the higher voltage compensates that. Also the 75/300 has more built in cpacitistance, since 80V Caps have better ratings. On top of that the 75/300 is a phase side shunt design and the 100/250 a battery side shunt design. Phase shunt designs are the preferred design choice.

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Hi, Im using the 100/250 with a 14s12p battery and 120kv motor from Maytech. I have been seeing temps around 68-77 when running. I have a water cooled alu block that the VESC sits on. Are these temps normal?