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General question on tuning vesc

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General question on tuning vesc


I'm rather new to VESC due to the fact that i cannot leave anything alone, so far super pleased with the performance vs my old china ESC but i'm left with a few questions i cannot find answers to.

Setup -

Electric Skateboard -

2x Hub motor

10S2P Samsung 40T Cell's.

Hub Current = 40 ea

Hub Regen = 35

Batt Current max = 32

Batt regen = 20

Mode = FOC, hall sensor

Firmware 5.03 - 5/29/2021

I'll post more screenshots when i have the board back together of the settings but i was more interested if this is normal to see during a top speed run with field weakening.

at 91% duty cycle i start field weakening and the current (batt) and power (watt) drop off. Should i be seeing a power drop during field weakening while the hub current stays the same? or is this what happens when the motor is at its maximum.

Max duty is 95%, i moved the D Axis gain scaling and duty cycle current limit start to 94%.

Just to be clear it drives very very smooth and has great power/top speed but i'm not sure if its actually "Correct".

I only hammered the throttle after a few corners.