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Did I lock myself out of bluetooth connection?

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Did I lock myself out of bluetooth connection?

Android VESC Tool downloaded from Play Store.

Lacroix Lonestar Supersport.

The stormcore showed up in the list of paired devices for a while but I wasn't getting the app to work correctly (I'm new so sure it was operator error).  I deleted the entry for the stormcore in the list of paired devices and at that time I didn't know I should unpair it.  I assumed deleting it would unpair it.  I am not getting this message when I try to connect to the stormcore:


UUID to the pairing list manually, or connect over USB and set the app pairing flag to
false for this VESC. Then you can pair to this version of VESC tool, or leave the

It just ends so wondering 2 things: 

1.  What should it be saying after the end of the message above? 

2. Is there an alternative to having to open the board up and go through USB?

Thanks for your help!

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I had the exact same issue and managed to resolve it by making a backup of the VESC Tools app data onto my computer. I was then able to open the config file for the app, which contains the list of all paird UUIDs. Manually re-adding this to the app should fix the issue.


See steps here