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Arduino Library that works with VESC 6 ?

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Arduino Library that works with VESC 6 ?

I recently bought a VESC6 and tried to use the SolidGeek Arduino libary with it.. had no luck. I tried lots of configurations with the firmware and the VESC app settings, but nothing worked. I then decided to buy a VESC 4.12 and it worked immediatly, with no issues. 

Does anyone know what I might change about Solid Geeks source in order to get the VESC 6 running with UART on an Arduino? (I am using a Mega)


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The different hardware shouldn't be the problem of the library not working. You are probably using different firmware versions on the VESC 6 and VESC 4.12. Please also keep in mind that the UART RX and TX are swapped on VESC 6 compared to VESC 4.12.