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Pc requirement to run vesc software

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Pc requirement to run vesc software

Hi , I am new in this world.

I have  ordered a VESC 6 MkV from Trampa and downloaded the free Windows vesc_tool_3.00.exe to start understanding the possibilities.

When I run the vesc_tool_3.00.exe on my notebook,  it start with a blank windows but after few seconds it close itself without messages .

The TRAMPA support says " it is when the PC is not powerful enough to run the tool ".

My question is now Is there any PC requirements tu run the Windows tool ?

My Notebook run with OS Win 10 Professional and has 8GB on ram and SSD HD, it is an old notebook but it is not clear to me what is missing : cpu ? ram ?

Any help ?




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Most likely graphics card drivers. Opengl needs to be working to run vesc tool.