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Benchmark regenerative braking

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Benchmark regenerative braking


I am doing a research project where I am studying whether an electric propeller on a sailboat can be used to generate energy and when it is needed; generate propulsion too.

So, at first, I would like to benchmark regenerative braking to see if this is something to go further with. And I think Vesc Tool might be a good tool for this project.

I have 2 high discharge lipo batteries which combined gives 48 V, VESC 75/300, an Flipsky61461 waterproof motor and a small Flipsky 5062 to play with.

However, I am not sure how to set up the Vesc Tool to get any such readings. – I thought I did, but apparently not. I have tried different settings with the “motor current max brake” and use the “realtime data” to get any readings, as that one also can display the “Wh Charge” (which I believe is the amount of energy sent back to the battery?). But I do not get any signs that I am charging the battery. I am now just using a drill to rotate the motor now at first, before I would like to do some proper testing.

If you have any other insights or ideas to discuss, please do that!

Thanks in advance,