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ADC out of bounds voltage still maps?!

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ADC out of bounds voltage still maps?!

Would it be possible to reject voltages that are outside of the defined map range?  For example Im using duty cycle center revers and have a system running a 4-20ma control signal that passes to a 0-3v adapter if it losses its control signal it spits out 0v and guns the motor even if I have my map minimum set to say 0.3V I would much rather it stop or coast the motor if it loses signal, I don't see this as being much different than using a traditional throttle for control that quits working one would think this poses a bit of a safety hazard. Any event I think it would be possible to add a bit of code at line 146 in the linked file that checks that the voltage read is inside the map and goes to a fail state if it is not, would this be possible to implement?