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75/300 R2 FW higher than 3.62 ? it is possible?

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75/300 R2 FW higher than 3.62 ? it is possible?

Hello and merry christmas
I have a 75/300 model R2. it has software 3.62 and I have tried to upgrade.
I have seen tutoials and tried to upload newer software via computer and mobile.
What am I doing wrong?

when the computer is connected to Vesc then it shows 3.62 but when it is not connected it shows 5.1 (see pictures)
I have pressed the upload arrows on the lower right of the screeconnected.jpgNot connected.jpgn, it uploads software but not the newest version. should I download the software and put it somewhere on my computer?

The reason I want to upgrade is that when I take out high power, it feels as if the engine stalls / loses grip. it does not sound nice
there is probably no error in the software but I suspect that you should always have the latest software in before you start investigating what the error may be
see pictures
is grateful for tips and advice