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VESC 6.0 Hardware Shows Up As HW 410 in VESC-Tool

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VESC 6.0 Hardware Shows Up As HW 410 in VESC-Tool

I have two new VESC V6.41 that I am using to replace an older VESC V4.10. The setup includes a 63mm Alien Power Systems Motor connected to the VESC powered by a 6 cell 5000mAh Lipo.

When I first downloaded the VESC-tool, the application stated that I needed to update the firmware. When I go to the Firmware tab, the VESC showed up HW 410 with an older firmware that is allowed by the tool. The only options that were allowed on the tool when connected to the VESC is the default firmware for 410 & 411 & 412 hardware version option. Since the program did not provide any more options, I updated the firmware for HW 410 on the new VESC V6.41. During the motor setup, when attempting to get the motor parameters in FOC mode, and then attempting to move the motor in BLDC motor, the motor does not move and the error "Status: Bad Detection Result Received". When attempting to get the motor parameters on FOC mode, when measuring R & L, the motor doesn't move but a value for R is shown along with the error "L is 0. Please measure it first.".

I looked through all the forums I could find with similar issues and none of them have helped yet. I noticed when unplugging the VESC, other options for Hardware Version tab show up including 48, 60, DAS_RS, 46 & 47, and the original 410 & 411 & 412. These are shown when restarting the VESC-tool and going to the Firmware tab before connecting to the VESC (even when it is unplugged). After connecting to the VESC, all the hardware options are removed and only 410 & 411 & 412 are shown.

Any ideas of the issue? This issues was reproduced on both VESC V6.41's. It seems as if the 60 hardware version option should be the one for the VESC V6.X but the option will disappear when connecting to the VESC. Only option I can think of at the moment is finding the location of the VESC 60 hardware version option and uploading it to the VESC V6.41 using the Custom File tab in the window of the Firmware tab. I haven't tried this yet though. I will keep working on this to find a solution in the meantime.

Below are some of the things I have checked based on questions on other forum pages.

- Battery is at acceptable voltage levels

- The Battery Voltage Cutoff Start was brought down to 10V as suggested in other posts

- Motor works with VESC V4.10 using the same setup and the VESC-tool as was done with the VESC V6.41.

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I had a similar issue and Benjamin suggested to use the custom firmware method as you said yourself. Solved it for me.

Here the link to Benjamin's post which includes the download directory