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Hard wired remote

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Hard wired remote


      I am working with An electric surfboard and have a unique situation.

We are not looking to power the board to carry a rider at high speeds.

    Instead we are providing surfers with a 4 speed surfboard capable of assisting them to catch waves, and to paddle back out. 

    Instead of using using a wireless remote we are installing I wired membrane on the front of the board. The membrane has 5 momentary normally off push button switches. The wires are routed back to a motor box where the motor and electronics are located. We have a separate battery box forward of the motor box. We are using a 6 cell 15 amp lipo. 

     The system uses an impeller and draws 80 amps at full power. The aluminum plate on the bottom of the motor plate does not dissipate enough heat in tropical waters when using a 100 amp esc. We managed to get a 120 amp esc to work at only high speed and it stayed cool and ran fine.

       The buttons are labeled 100, 75, 50, 25, and stop. 

We are using a hgltech HI200 75V 200A Vesc .

We are trying to achieve;


When the 100 button is pushed 

100% power for 8 seconds then shift to 75% power for  60 seconds.


When the 75 button is pushed  

75% power for 100 seconds.


When the 50% button is pushed 

50% power for 100 seconds.


When the 25% button is pushed 

25% power for 100 seconds.


When the stop button is pushed it should cancel all programs.

There is a common ground and 5 wires for control buttons


There is also a set of 3 leds used to indicate remaining battery power 


On top a green led indicating the battery is significantly charged


In the middle a yellow led indicating low battery we would like that to come on when 20% power remains  in battery ( I estimate 22.20volts)


And on the bottom there is red led that should come on at 20.90 volts


These leds have a common ground.


The motor that we are using is a scorpion 4020 540kv and does not have hall wires.


We would greatly appreciate any help that you can offer for this project 

Thank you



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Maybe this firmware fork for a DPV could be of interest. They have created a custom application in the firmware with a state machine to handle various speed commands. There is also some code to handle some indicator leds for battery and vehicle status.

Hopefully it can point you in the right direction for your own custom application.