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Motor setup help please

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Motor setup help please

I have a self built VESC 4.12 with 3.34 Firmware, Haiyin 5000mAh 20-30C battery, Turnigy SK3 6374 149 motor.

I can't get the Motor Setup Wizard to complete.

Please can anyone supply a set of BLDC Parameters that may work?

I have limited the battery current to 15 Amps for safety (is this a problem?) until I get it going on the desk.

I'm looking for I, w, D values that will work for this motor.

BLDC mode, I always get Detection failed, tried a few different values.

FOC mode, RL stage completes:
R: 13210.19 mOhms L: 23.11 uH
Motor spec says 0.021 Ohm internal resistance, so calculation seems to be wrong.

Please help


Roger Wolff
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My current settings (IIRC, that same motor, but I"m not in the same room as that motor right now).... 

R: 16.0 mOhm

L: 16.63 uH

5.053 mWb

KP 0.0166

Ki 15.97

Observer gain: 39.17

If there is a version with a lower KV than the 149 that you have, then I probably have the one wiht the lower KV. Or maybe not if that one was out of stock when I ordered. 


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Did you ever get it working? I have a very similar problem.