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PPM problems

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PPM problems

Hi friends I have the last version of the vesc tool (2.06) , my vesc is Flipsky 4.20 , I made firmware update and tried to calibrate the motors with success but when I tried calibrate the PPM it enters to calibration but no reading of minimum , maximum and middle range of the PPM . My PPM is also Flipsky VX1 version. I also have Bluetooth by Flipsky to connect to vesc tool from my phone. When I push the PPM full up the motors moving at fast speed imidiatly and when pushing full back it goes slowly.

What am I doing wrong ?

I have seen that I am not the only one with this problem there is a lot of people that have this issue. 


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Have you tried scrolling down on that page where it tells you how to a) connect the VX1 receiver? b) the manual?