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One remote, two FSESC4.20 (wirelessly)?

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One remote, two FSESC4.20 (wirelessly)?


I'm working on a project to create electric roller skis: two skis (no wires between them) and one remote.

In my possession, I have two FSESC4.20 ( ), one VX2 Remote ( ) and two 2.4G RC receivers ( ).

As I'm sure you have figured out, I can only pair the remote with one receiver at a time.

I'm also aware of a (non-viable) solution: put a CAN Bus connector ( ) between the VESCs.  This is non-viable because the VESCS must not be connected by wires (wires would snag on the ground or have to be run inside my pants).

What are my options?

  1. Could I use a different style of receiver?  My VESCs have (unused) ADC and ADC2 ports--could I use these somehow?
  2. Could I create wireless CAN bridge (without breaking the bank--say <$100)

I have seen video of someone pairing one remote with two ESCs, so I know it's possible in theory.  It's a question of which parts I need and which parts I need to return.


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I don't know how savvy you are with micorcontrollers but i am facing a very similar issue, i am designing a pair of electric roller blades and having a working prototype with everything wired to a dual 4.12 in a bag. Next stages is to get them all in the boot and to overcome the split VESCs working wirelessly im thinking of using three arduinos. 

Have a master arduino in a remote with a transmitter and two arduinos as slaves with receivers, set unique identifiers and just transmit an analog value over consistently which i will use in the ADC ports. 

Something like the following video but adapt the hardware and software for one way communication to two arduinos:

Just my thoughts, i was looking for a ready made solution to my issue and this came up