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VESC Wand shows INF and 100% Batt

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VESC Wand shows INF and 100% Batt

Just set up my board for the first time and everything seems to be working great so far.

Only issue that I can see right now is the VESC wand shows INF and 100% on the battery and the plugged in icon is illuminated.

Set up:

VESC 6.4 Dual

Flipsky 6374

Torque Boards 12s4p

VESC wand


150mm wheels

I dont know how to link pictures. I tried linking an imgur but failed.

I have the report from the VESC tool:

motor 1/2

motor current: 65.53/64.34

Motor R: 13.97/ 14.50

Motor L: 6.08/ 6.00

Motor Flux linkage: 4.42/ 4.56

temp comp:  false/ false

sensors: hall / hall

Phase wires are not that long any more

Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 10.35.17 PM_0.png