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Change some VESC configurations

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Change some VESC configurations

Hi there!

Now I am working on a mobile application that allows you to receive and change some VESC parameters. I would like to receive confirmation that it works as I imagine. Hence there are several questions, I will be very grateful if someone answers all or some of them.

  1. Can we change the acceleration, braking, throttle mode, motor 0 and 1 reverse parameters by pulling the configuration first using the COMM_GET_APPCONF command and writing the parameters via COMM_SET_APPCONF?
  2. Should the COMM_SET_APPCONF be written to the RX characteristic separated to MTU chunks or we can just write the whole payload by one command?
  3. The app configuration has 3 structure fields app_conf.app_ppm_conf.throttle_exp, app_conf.app_adc_conf.throttle_exp, app_conf.app_chuk_conf.throttle_exp. Which of these fields can affect the acceleration of the board?
  4. Is it possible to reverse the motors by changing the app_conf.app_adc_conf.voltage_inverted and app_conf.app_adc_conf.voltage2_inverted parameters?