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Realtime Tachometer readings over UART

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Realtime Tachometer readings over UART

*** Never mind, looks like there is something in my code that's creating the blockage ***

For my robotics project I would like to be able to have access to the vesc tachometer value.  I'm using Rollinggeckos amazingly helpful VescUartControl. As a first step I have my Teensy (arduino like microcontroller)  get a bldcMeasure struct from the VESC, then get the .tachometer value from the struct and display that on the little screen I attached (for now).

This works reasonably well, but when i do this every frame or every few frames the update rate is pretty bad. When i look at the realtime Tacho data in the VESC_Tool, it runs lovely and smooth, which makes me thing it is something i'm not doing right. Unless this is a limitation of the UART, in which case I would love to know too.

Any thoughts?



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Hi Davideo, 

I have been having issues with pulling rpm/tacho data out of uart as well, using an arduino micro. I am using rolling gecko's library but still havent been able to figure out what function to write which would pull such data out. Would you mind sharing the bit of your code that does this?

Thank You,