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Better use of hall sensors.

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Better use of hall sensors.

Hi Benjamin and Frank,

I've just noticed this on the Lebowski project, could be interesting.

Added version 2.A1.
The main addition is a hall assisted sensorless mode (activated in the hall menu). In this mode the controller in drive 3 still runs sensorless, but it takes the speed info from the hall sensors. Result is that it can deal with larger and more sudden motor speed changes without conking out. For instance when you use the controller with a mid-drive bike and go in the forest and jump roots, curbs etc.

Could be interesting not only for bike, but other application where the load can quickly vary.

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As far as I know the lebowski controller uses the observer from the microchip application notes, which has a speed state and is by far not as robust as the Ortega observer used by the VESC. The VESC should never loose track of the motor unless the currents are so high that it leads to saturation. The problem with very sudden speed changes with the VESC is that the current controllers sometimes don't keep up and cause abs overcurrent faults, but that only happens on setups that really push the limits.

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I was wondering on the same question as ThierryGTLTS as well.


Thank you Benjamin for the answer!