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Adding two reed contacts and adapting the software accordingly

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Adding two reed contacts and adapting the software accordingly

I am running some VESC and like to extend the functionality of the VESC controller by adding two reed contacts and adapt the software of the controller as follows:

1   If reed contact 1 shows a certain frequency, reduce the amps down to 0 if this is exceeded (over s small band, for example between 4 and 4.4 Hz,  if a certain limit frequency (something between 3 and 10 Hz) is exceed stop running the motor at all

2   If reed contact 2 shows a certain frequency (between 0.5-3 Hz), controller shall operate the motor depending on the throttle, but if reed contact frequency falls below certain level (0.3 Hz for example), controller shall not provide any amps (0 amps). 

3   Start the controller with a certain frequency of the throttle (for example "2x long, 2xshort" for "standard mode, or 1xlong, 1x short" to consider also the logic under 1) and 2). If throttle is not used for an adjustable duration of time, let the controller fall into sleep mode. 


Pls let me know if anybody is able to conduct the work and I would be happy to pay for it....



Wulf Kraneis 



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Out of curiosity, is this intended for an ebike? I'm imagining one reed switch reading a wheel magnet and one reading a crank magnet?