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Setup for very slow < 100RPM on Maytech 6365 Motor.

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Setup for very slow < 100RPM on Maytech 6365 Motor.

Hey guys, 

I'm trying to setup a motor to spin at less than 100RPM for a project. I have the Maytech 6365. 

I have the VESC setup. I can only get it going slow in a very jumping manner and it's quite unpredictable. 

Any help would be amazing! I've read a lot of posts and tutorials and tried all the settings but obviously don't have the right combo. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Try turning the openloop erpm down in steps till it gets smooth, you can look at the realtime erpm graph to see roughly what number you might want to set.

below the number you set for openloop it will run with no idea where the motor actually is, above the number it will try to track the motor. So you want to always run at an erpm higher than what you set.

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OK will do - thank you 

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