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Hoverboard Motor Setup

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Hoverboard Motor Setup

I'm trying to set up my VESC for the first time. I am using the Dual FSESC4.20 from Flipsky to drive 2 hoverboard wheels with an R/C controller. I will only be using these for forward and backward and not for steering. I am using the wizard to set up the motors. Should I be using the setting for E-Bike DD Hub Motor (~6 kg)?

I am using it with the 10S2P 36V battery that came with the hoverboard. I selected Direct Drive with a 165mm Diameter Wheel. and selected Run Detection. The detection mode seems to be working correctly. Then when I check to see if one of the VESCs has an inverted motor direction, neither of the motors turns. I do hear a hum out of them. When I try to use the Remote control, the wheels try to move and don't or they jerk violently.

I'm also getting a message that my VESC has old firmware. I tried updating it, but I keep getting the same message. I'm a mechanical engineer so I'm not used to doing any programming so forgive my ignorance and feel free to dumb things down.

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Hi CadillacF1,

I'm trying to make a similar build, do you know if is it possible to run smoothly at super slow speed with flipsky FSESC and generic hoverboard motor?


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Possibly, the hoverboard will have sensors which ought to allow torque from standstill. There's also HFI which should work similarly. You may have to tune the VESC specifically to get the slower speeds.

As this is a small group it's extremely unlikely anyone else will be able to test this out so you're largely on your own. But please do post up your attempts.