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VESC 6 plus working but no servo response

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VESC 6 plus working but no servo response

I am using a VESC 6 plus on a Traxxas RC Car. The software of the car is set up on a NVIDIA Jetson TX2. It was working very well till the Jetson died. The replacement of the Jetson just arrived. I set up all the software for the car but this time the motor is working but the servo isn't responding.

I have tried many different firmware versions (both VESC_default.bin & VESC_servooout.bin) but i have a problem and i cannot understand what's happening. 

I have sent PWM signal to the servo via an Arduino Uno and it responds perfectly also. So my servo isn't dead neither its cables. However, i cannot find a solution. Is there anyone that has the same problem or has a solution for me? Do i have to configure somehow the PPM signal of the VESC in order for my servo to respond? I thought that every firmware especially the latest versions support all the communication protocols of the VESC (USB, PPM, CAN etc.) Do i have to tweak something to correct it?