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Hi . I control my VESC using a 10K pot on the ADC input, this is working fine

I need to set the max RPM to a much lower level max around 3000 RPM

I reduced the ERPM value to around 35000 and sure enough its about the speed I want , however 

this occurs at around 1/3rd of the pots revolution and for the other 2/3rds it just sits at that set max speed.

The trouble with that is I only get a small rotation of the pot from 0 to max speed .

Is here a way to set it so I get my reduced max speed but spread over the full travel

of the pot so I get much finer speed control rather than in just the first 1/3rd of a rotation




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FEsc 4.2 Plus in the e-scooter

Hi Guys!

I built a controller into an e-scooter.

How can I program e-braking with a separate analog lever?

I connected the throttle to the ADC1 - it works fine

I connected the "brake throttle lever" (hall) to the ADC2 - this is also indicated by the "Vesc tool", but I can't make it active, I don't know how to set it so that this other lever can brake and parameterize?