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What motors can i use with the vesc?

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What motors can i use with the vesc?

I plan to use a mini fsesc (vesc 4.20) that is rated for continuous 50A for a project where i want to allow very low and steady speed on an rc car.

The battery is going to be a 3S LiPo (4Ah and 45C, 180A continous) which should be enough to power the vesc mosfets and now i've been looking for sensored motors with at least 750KV to use for this project.

I found a Dynotorq 815 1/8 sensored bldc with 2150KV but this one has a max rating of 115A, rated 2-4S. Would it be possible to operate this motor safely with the vesc?

In general, what are the things i should take into account when looking for a motor for my vesc? Or can i just ignore the KV, as long as the max ampere rating is below 50?