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Traction control with different motors

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Traction control with different motors


On my scooter I run two different motors on two VESC6. But motors are different KV and even types(one 2kW outrunner with reduction stage 50000 ERPM,other - 1.2KW HUB motor 24000 ERPM). Would like to have traction control, as I have two vescs but cannot do that. Maybe someone could add extra option to have something like ERPM "compensation ratio" tab to make that work?


Also, is there any way to disable roll autostart? It is annoying when you actually don't need it, like just pushing scooter or taking it downstairs. or just putting it in a car and bumping a wheel...

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I have this same problem, I have a 1000w direct drive on the back of my bike and a 250w geared hub on the front and trying to get traction control to work has been a problem since vesc is basically setup for 2 identical motors, it looks at the ERPM rather than the speed so even if you change the gearing ratios to get your speed on both wheels to match the traction control still wont work since the ERPM has not changed.