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Setting up a VESC 6 MK IV and need 58.2 voltage fault

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Setting up a VESC 6 MK IV and need 58.2 voltage fault

I am setting up with an Ebike Bafang 750W 5-1 Geared Hub motor. Running 2000 watts max. I am not using any regen braking so no voltage spikes are going to come in. The problem I have is when my 14S 13AH battery comes off charge it's right at 58.1V. This triggers the 57V alarm. Is there any way to raise this 57V fault upper limit without re-compiling the firmware? 

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I need it too.

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It's not just regen related, any stutters in current will cause voltage spikes, and giving yourself 1.9V of headroom won't be enough. Heck people used to damage VESCs on 12S if they ran them hard.

If you want to try and raise the voltage limit you could try the appropriate "xxxx_no_hw_limits.bin" for your hardware but this greatly increases the chance of the hardware being damaged.

The safer options are to either drop the pack to a 12S, maybe 13S pack or change the controller. You've got the option of the VESC 75/300 or 100/250 and A200S here and things like FOCer.