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Steering channel (dual vesc setup via CAN bus)

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Steering channel (dual vesc setup via CAN bus)

Hi there. It would be great to have a feature to control 2 VESCs using a CAN bus connection. I have a dual VESC 4.20 from Flipsky which is basically a pair of 4.12s hooked up together with an internal CAN bus.

Currently it is possible to control both motors using the master VESC which forwards the commands to the slave VESC. However I can control only the direction and the speed of motors but not steering. The only way to do it is to disable the internal CAN connection and to use the PPM inputs on each side of the board separately. The problem is that in that case I will need to use each joystick on my RC remote to controll the speed and direction of each motor separately. Also one side of the board doesn't have any clue what the other one does. It would be great to be able to implement differential drive directly when one joystick controls the speed and the direction of both motors and the other one controls the steering. I assume it should be possible to implement this feature to PPM control mode because if I understand correctly the Balance control option allows to control the speed and direction of each motor separately when having 2 VESCs connected via CAN. 

Any plans for this?

Would be great to hear your opinion on that.