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foc detection params

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foc detection params

Hi guys,

i have issues with motor cogging. it was running fine for the first two month and few days ago it started acting weird. it will start cogging, high current draw low torque and speed .....

i am using fsesc 4.12, latest firmware. ive check vesc for faulty components with multimeter (mosfets, and resistors for them) and values are looking good. i have compared them to vesc 4.12 schematicks.

ive also checked motor with lcr meter and values are also looking good, i think :) bellow is table with phases inductance and resistance 

black-blue    0.05mH 2.90ohm

black-red     0.05mH 2.83ohm

red-blue       0.05mH 2.81ohm 

motor is outrunner 6374 140Kv with hall sansor about 900 grams

i am thinking maybe foc detection is wrong or is it in acceptable range. it should be half of the value of resistance and inductance 

foc settings.PNG

do u have any suggestions what could i try to fix this cogging issue