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Change HW after wrong Firmware Update

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Change HW after wrong Firmware Update

Hi there,

i think I need some help here. 

I just got my Enertion Focbox and wanted to update my firmware. I had trouble to find the right tool, long story short, I found a freshly built VESC Tool in another forum and happily updated the Firmware. Upload went fine, but I got errors while detecting the motor parameters. Turns out the software I found had only HW 60... I need 412...

After more search I found you and got that free VESC tool from your store. There I can see the  right HW version (412) but as soon as I connect to my VESC, this options disappear and only 60 is remaining.


Is there a way to force a certain Firmware on the device?

If not over the VESC Tool, it should be possible to burn the default bootloader on the chip and start fresh, isn't it?

Best regards



im am back to FW 2.18, maybe I can get it to work by myself :)



got it working, this topic can be deleted!


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I've seen someone with this problem before, so you're not alone with this problem. Please share what you found out..... 

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Download and install the bldc tool from enertion

Using the vesc tool select the custom firmware tab

Flash the focbox using the enertion firmware file from the install directory

Then you can upgrade to the correct hardware version

I posted a longer version elsewhere here when I made the same mistake myself.

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I'm testing different things with the FOCBOX and I noticed that I cannot get one upgraded with VESC TOOL 0.83

Here is the video

EDIT: I've downloaded the .BIN of the 3.30 on GitHub repository. Fully erased the chip via STLINK and uploaded only the .BIN 3.30. Works fine now. 

That was weird.

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It looks like you started by uploading the bootloader, which is bad if the mcu already has one as that will destroy the bootloader and make it impossible to upload new firmware after that. The bootloader upload function is only the pcbs sold by some vendors that are missing the bootloader, or for the very first batch of the vesc6 that also missed it. Normally you just upload the firmware, and if that fails you can try uploading the bootloader.