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Custom Battery Settings? Inaccurate Wh readings?

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Custom Battery Settings? Inaccurate Wh readings?

Hello, is there a way for me to create a custom battery pack data set to be selected in the battery dropdown? I am not sure if the settings preset in the three options for battery type make any difference, but the pack and cells i am using are for sure not in the category types available. My main concern is that the Wh consumed numbers being displayed form my rides is just not accurate. It said on one ride i use 550Wh, but i only used about 40% of my total pack capacity, which is in total only a 437Wh pack. Any tips as to where the inaccuracies in this reading could be coming from i would love to hear. Thanks,


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U havent specified what cells are u using. U can create new battery type in vesc tool source code, so its not that streight forward. Wh is not that important for functioning of ur eskate. U can select battery type from dropdown which is more accurate to ur pack 

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I have the same question as I want to run an LTO battery. My main interest is to set the regen cutoff voltage so as not to overcharge.


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Im using vesc tool, and I am using what i believe is the 4.20 dual flipsky esc (the one joined together) and im using the vesc tool to program it. I am using 2 ppm inputs for the escs, and whenever i try to setup the input, it uses one of the ppm inputs for both motors. but i completely forgot what voodoo i did to make it work.