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Data Loggin Values

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Data Loggin Values

Hi everyone!


i have some doubs trying to analise the CSV records made by the android tool to help me choose a good battery pack to buy

i have an old scooter that i upgraded with a 4.12 vesc and a bldc hub motor but  i'm still using lead acid batteries


so my question is wich value in the CSV i have to look (and what does it mean), please let me know if i'm right

"current_in_setup" is the current that the battery is giving or providing

"current_motor_setup" is the current that the motor is using in the moment

current_motor", "current_in" apears described on the help of the android app but when i look on the desktop app i can't see where are those are being used and in the csv file show me that are quite diferent  than the above (i asume that "Current_in" is like the current that the battery provides)


can somebody tell me wich values i have to look up to had a good analysis?


now a picture of my scooter xD


Thank you in advance

(sorry for my english is not my main languaje)