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Remap Rotary Encoder Input to CAN (or other)

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Artemis Skade
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Remap Rotary Encoder Input to CAN (or other)


I have bought a FESC V4.12 and a Rotary Encoder LPD3806-600BM that I would like to use for FOC. According to this video from Benjamin Vedder

one option is to remove some caps and resistors to use the HALL Input for the Encoder Phases... Due to the current situation I don't have access to a sufficient soldering iron to remove those elements so I would rather repurpose different pins. I have seen that there is an option to map SPI to different Pins for HW_SPI so I am wondering if there is a different option for rotary encoders as well. CAN pins seemed adequat to me because most people probably don't use them and they have exactly the two pins needed for the two phases. Thanks for reading this far - any suggestions or help is welcomed.