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Trying to read and set MCCONF

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Trying to read and set MCCONF

Hello, I am trying to build a system like on metr where I can push a motorconfig profile to the vesc so I can change things like the max speed and current settings on the fly using my remote.

I have tried to adapt a library from basti30 (who added mcconf get/set features to RollinGeckos lib) but I can't get this to work. 

This is the code I'm using to test:

My testing code looks a little bit clumsy but I can't Serial output on my PC with the board I'm using so I'm using blinks. I'm getting the blinks that the telemetry has been retrieved successfully and also success for the get and set mcconf functions, but I don't see any changes on the VESC. 

This is my library:

Thanks a lot to anyone who responds, I hope someone can help me to get this to work!