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Vesc Tool Mobile weird gps behavior

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Vesc Tool Mobile weird gps behavior

hi fellow skaters

i would like to share my issue with logging on vesc tool mobile (sg note 9 android 10)

this is diy build finished few days ago, i had chance to test it each day for about 40min's run and it works great except position logging. i am not sure what is wrong but ill try to explain (ss provided also).

so, sometimes location point would be places on random location, just one and then will continue to log position fine and it would happen again, ive marked bad positioning with red circles. I am using GPS Keeper Light as Benjamin Vedder suggested in his tutorial for keeping gps active. i am not sure what's wrong, maybe u can help.


vesc gps location.PNG

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GPS keeper should not be needed any more. This looks like the phone is attempting to use wifi networks when the gnss module looses track. For me it works best when disabling wifi scanning and bluetooth scanning in android. You can also try the filter outlier option at the right in VESC Tool, but it can only make some improvements.