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Bypass NRF Pairing

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Bypass NRF Pairing

I'm just trying to use my own little custom remote using an NRF chip, with VESC 6

i modifed the: nrf_driver.c and few other files to make them compatible, but doesn't seem to work so far..

In the VESC Tool, there is a pairing process required, so that the remote ID and parameters, will be loaded into the VESC so they can communicate.

(i also know how, there is software available on vedder's github for a remote, which is fantastic, but i want my own one :-)

i wanted to make my own one compatible, so i want to BYPASS the pairing (and whatever else) process in the Firmware, to my make the VESC think that it's paired up, and good to go :-)

So that way i can just program the 2 devices (my remote & the VESC) to accept my data and just apply the speed/current.

(My remote control code is simple, just sends data out all the time. It works on my custom receiver, but now i'll make it work with VESC also)


Anyone know what mod on the Firmware i need to fool the VESC, into just accepting the x, y, buttons data and Bypass/Avoid the Pairing ??

(i think it has something to do with running only the code under the "case MOTE_PACKET_BUTTONS" switch, in file "nrf_driver.c" ..  and avoid the other cases.)


i guess this is more of a question for Benjamin, but i know he is so busy, so i'll ask everyone :-)


Thanks all ;-)

Benjamin you rock!



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You don't have to do any pairing, you can just set the nrf parameters manually and it should work. What pairing does is listen on a default channel and address and ask the remote to send out its own channel and address, which are calculated from a CRC of the UUID in the STM32F100 in the remote. If you know the settings for a remote beforehand you can enter them manually, pairing is just for making it more convenient for users.