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6 Phase Motor - How to Drive it?

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6 Phase Motor - How to Drive it?

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking to get a motor from a onewheel, and drive it with VESC, but apparently those motors have 6 phase windings.

Being one offset of the other one.... I read a little bit online and it looks like you can drive those motors with two controllers, is that correct? anyone has tried this?

The motor has hall sensors, if I can use two vesc's, how would I use the same sensor on two VESC's?

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It is probably two motors in one. This setup makes it more redundant. You would need two VESCs, but only use one VESC for the sensors. Splitting the sensor to two VESCs is problementic because of Ground Loops. You can also Try HFI ( Signal Injection)


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Onewheel motors are normal 3 phase motors , there are two wires from each phase coming from the motor to fill the 6 pin connector they use, because one pin cannot handle the current that will be pulled by the motor. If you look closely at the motor plug there is two of each colour wire. (I have a onewheel and have opened the controller, only 6 mosfets)