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Extremely slow FW update (Vesc Tool 2.2)

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Extremely slow FW update (Vesc Tool 2.2)

Hi everyone!

I have downloaded the latest Vesc Tool 2.2 and I'm having problems when flashing a new firmware

My Vesc is a dual Flipsky 4.20 which is basically two 4.12 (4.10) VESCs on a single PCB paired via internal CAN

I used the Ackmaniac's vesc tool previously with the FW version 3.103.

I connected the VESC via USB, disabled the can forwarding and tried to update the single side only.

The RT data is disabled.

I get the following errors in the debug console

2020-02-03 22:04:33: WARNING (:0 ): Writing LZO failed, but regular write was OK.

2020-02-03 22:04:33: WARNING (:0 ): 10 400

I get a bunch of these.

Any ideas how I can solve the issue?


P.S. after trying with the Vesc Tool 2.2 I tried reflashing the FW with Ackmaniacs Vesc Tool build and the update was fast