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Choosing Motor Encoder for VESC

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Choosing Motor Encoder for VESC

Hi everyone,

I just received the Maytech MTSESC6.6 and I am brand new to the project with a couple of questions.  What a great community! Please talk to me like I'm 5, this is all new but I learn pretty fast. LOL.

1.  What resolution should I choose for the encoder?  (100, 128 ... 1024, 1250.... 5000, 8192)  So many options!  

2.  What type of electrical output should the encoder have?   (line driver or open collector)

3.  Do I need an index pulse for motor Top Dead Center?

I'll be adding the encoder to a sensorless motor with the goal of gaining low speed torque and driveability for smooth starts offroad.  It will be going on a trike for disabled riders, so it is important that it has good low-rpm characteristics.   I'm currently looking at the Timken M15 encoder and my motor because it can be mounted externally on the motor.  My motor has a maximum mechanical rpm of 15000 rpm.


Thank you guys,