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ADC Throttle Redundancy

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ADC Throttle Redundancy

A lot of throttles have a second signal output as a sanity check/safety.

The second signal has some kind of correlation to the first one, be it 1+2 = 5V (1= 0-5v, 2=5-0v), 1-2=0 (both 0-5v or 5-0v), 2 = 0.5*1 (1=0-5v, 2=0-2.5v) etc.

This can be used to determine a throttle fault, pretty much any traction application that is deployed on a large scale (DBW throttle pedals on cars, paddle throttles on industrial equipment, lever throttles on trains etc) have this kind of safety, I would like to see it implemented in the main VESC ADC app.

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Will be considered, thx for the input.