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VESC 6 Plus reseting settings and firmware

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VESC 6 Plus reseting settings and firmware

I bought a VESC 6 Plus in April 2019 from trampaboards and a 10s3p pack with a Bestech D140 10S at the same time. From the beginning I've had problems with if the board is turned off and then later turned on again (using an anti-spark switch). In-between that, the battery and VESC have not been touched at all. Once turned on, all settings are fully reseted (likely including low-battery limits), and the firmware is reverted to an older one. I haven't found much about it and no solutions. It is then required to update the app via Bluetooth, test motor enter all settings to use the app again. Strange thing is when I use it frequently it resets much less frequently. Sometimes it resets after only being turned off a few minutes other time it could be at least days. The board itself works, despite the app struggling, but I've not dared to try the low voltage cut-off...

Is it possible that the BMC somehow clears the EEPROM in the VESC? Some noise or voltage pike? Is the firmware broken? The EEPROM itself? 

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Best option is to reinstall the FIrmware via SWD. If you have a second VESC, SWD Prog is the way forward.

Minute 5:30 onwards.