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Custom hardware


can somebody explain to me what steps one needs to take to get vesc firmware on cutstom hardware?

I am thinking of creating my own custom esc (just for my projects) and I am looking for easy to use firmware since I have no idea about software (I am ok with C Programming but I have not yet programmed microcontroller)  and how to flash them.

As far as I understand it should be possible to adjust vesc to work on a custom board based on a stm32f0 which I wanted to use for my esc. Is that right?

I found the way how to flash vesc hardware, but I am missing where custom hardware is configured (pins and hardware values).

Can anybody help me out?

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Hi Aachner,

i build my own ESC based on the VESC6 schematic. I need a special PCB shape - round, to fit in a underwater scooter tube - and the best option was to do it on my own.

The hardware is configured in the src-code in the hwconf/ folder. Add your own hw_xxx.y and adjust the You have to adjust the conf_general.h, mcuconf.h and maybe some other files also. Depends on the compiler errors :))) The main configuration is done in your hw_xxx.h file. I recommend the use of GIT !

While drawing your schematic, have a look at the STM32f0 manual to check if your PIN has als the functions you need (alternative function table)



Is your nickname Aachner because you are living in Aachen ? Oder your name is a.achner ? :)) If first, i can help you in real life :)

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As Georg said, have a look at the conf_general and the hwconf folder where you can also see some supported TI DRV83XX gate driver.

Switching over from the STM32F405 to a different MCU should be very challenging because a big rewrite of the code is needed. There are quite a few topics and questions for a long time asking about porting to a different STM32 but I haven't seen a working example yet.

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It's not like the STM32F405 is expensive, not that much reason to switch other than form factor.

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Not only form factor, main question to me if F0 may run the task, especially FOC? 

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Taking VESC code to a different platform makes no sense as all platforms such as Ti, Infeneon, etc. have their motor driver "starter kits" and that's the right way to start. Moving from a better/faster performing MCU to an inferior one makes even less sense. If extra low cost is the only goal, it's better to use an off the shelf chinese controller for $15. Huge time and effort saver.