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wanna make custom made esc and tool

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wanna make custom made esc and tool

hey hi, i want to build an esc and need a tool to test motor characteristics..can anybody pls help me out.. i am a noob btw, pls dont bash me.. so any tips would be of tremendous help

i wanna know where should i start the learning process? how should i approach the hardware as well as the software

how to program the esc board, any source code available so i can look onto it.. it's a personal project.. so i wanna maximise the learning process

will vesc tool will work with other company hardware or custom made hardware?? how does the software tool and firmware integrate??

has anybody tried it before.. i do need help.. pls respond with constructive tips.. thanks in advance

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Build the tool that makes your work trust my paper and help out in the meanwhile. Approach the tool that you think are the best one to start the learning process.