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Vesc WS2812b led issues & support

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Vesc WS2812b led issues & support

Hi guys, I have issues implementing the WS2812 led on my Vesc.

Things I have done:

  • Flashed default WS2811.bin
  • I have removed the filters on the hall sensor port and added 2.2k pull up resistor to 5v on H2 pin.
  • I have replaced r8,r9,r10 with 0 ohm resistor.
  • For my remote, I am using custom nun-chuck nrf24l01.
  • The ws2812 leds are getting powered from external 5v source, but same ground reference. 


  • 800khz signal is being produced on H2 pin but does not work.( the signal is constant and does not change).

Video Source: