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75/300 Large inrunner problem (video)

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75/300 Large inrunner problem (video)

Hi Guys

I have a problem with a very large inrunner (gokart). Motor specs here:

After running the motor detection, the vecs throws  aabs over current randomly, when spinning up and down in rpms.

And I think it sound quite weird at full rpms. Any suggestions which parameters to start changing?

Video free spin:

Help 😄


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You can try and go for 30 or 40 Khz switching frequency.  Please also try and change the motor resistance value by +-5%.

When doing the detection the large innrunner is the motor type to choose. Please log the test run using the Android App, creating a CSV file.

This can be done in Developer >> Enable RT Data Logging

You can the open the CSV file in VESC-Tool (Desktop) >> Log Anaylsis. You can also share the file and other can help you.