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Driving two motors with 75/300

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Driving two motors with 75/300


I just bought a 75/300 board and I thought it could control 3 motors... Only understood my mistake when I saw one motor sensor connector....

Is it possible to connect two 118kv motors from Trampa on the same 75/300 ? (I assume there is no way then to read the hall sensors from second motor ?)

Also, does anybody knows of any cheap option for 5kw motor that could be driven by the board ? (I'm using it to electrify an old mower)


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The only way to drive two motors with the 75/300 is to align them mechanically and lock them together. I think you can ask Trampa to return the 75/300 if it is still in good/unused shape and get two V6 instead. Send them an email and ask what they can do.