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No brakes in PID Speed Control mode

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No brakes in PID Speed Control mode

Hi, I am controlling my two wheels robot using PID Speed Control mode which is the most suitable mode to my needs, but not everything works good. I need both forward and reverse directions, but also I want to have a possibility to immadiately stop a robot after releasing inputs from rc radio. Now I can observe that when I am turning in place and after that release inputs the robot doesnt stop, but it turns arround for a while, until freely lose a speed. Which parameters may cause this behavior? I tried tune Speed PID, but without a good results.

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I think you should try current control. You can set it up as forward and reverse.

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I am trying to do a similar thing. Any success in the speed mode? Please do share let me know


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No brakes in PID speed control mode. Tell me the reason why we no need for speed where we just collect all for the control mode which we take from my paper writer. I have just take it from the speed control.