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Please remove bootloader update section from FW Tab

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Please remove bootloader update section from FW Tab

Benjamin, would it be possible to remove the bootloader update section from FW Tab?

Lately I have been unable to update the Firmware on my VESCs (HW60). After doing some research I not only found that I probably have accidentally bricked them by updating the bootloader, I also noticed there are quite a few others that are stuck with the firmware update and have probably made the same mistake without even noticing.

So right now on the Android VESC Tool, when you're in the firmware-tab, it's enough to just scroll down to the "bootloader" section. If you do this and then press "update all", this will mess it all up.

Yes, I did get a warning message, which I discarded, since I expected in order to update the bootloader I would have to select or press some kind of button first. I have been under the impression that I'm still just updating the firmware doing this, not the bootloader, even if I do scroll down.

This seems to be quite a common issue. So I would suggest to remove the bootloader updater from the firmware tab or just make it a little harder to accidentally mess this up. It would just save many us going through the hassle of having to buy an ST-Link, opening up the board and flashing the VESCs.


Anyway, for the ones still looking for a solution to updating their VESCs after accidentally bricking it, here's a summary:

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