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Show actual encoder RPM

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Show actual encoder RPM

Using the AS5047 the position from the encoder could be used to determine rpm in addition to erpm.  Since rpm is more useful (for my purposes) is it possible to display in the tool or calculate the rpm from the erpm and display that for example on the realtime data page?  For example you setup the ratio or can calculate using the encoder (which spins the motor slowly to determine the ratio between encoder revolutions to electrical revolutions.  Could further be used to calculate speed by entering a wheel diameter and gear ratio also to help calculate max erpm to set to speed limit.

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Yes agree this would be more meaningful than a erpm figure. Or even if there was an input box

for the number of poles on your motor to enable a calculation for output in rpm.

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I've been working on the XML file yesterday. There is a "number of poles" setting saved in the motor config XML.