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vesc tool crashing on 29aug19 - website down/link?

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vesc tool crashing on 29aug19 - website down/link?

hello all - i tried using my free copy of the vesc tool from two devices yesterday, to try and discern why it was crashing about a minute after starting - both installations exhibited the same behaviour, and when i tried connecting to this website in case there was a known issue, i discovered that the website itself was down - is the free version phoning home (authenticating against the website)?  i would like to contribute to the platinum version and recognise this great tech gifted to the community - i notice that the platinum build is a later version as well, so perhaps there are new features being trialled and available through the platinum version??  and also perhaps it is not as dependent on the availability of the website?  has anyone else experienced similar issues on the the 29aug19?  In constant appreciation to Ben et al - thank you!!

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Server was down for some time due to a massive Thunderstorm...