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BLDC control in FOC mode

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BLDC control in FOC mode

Hello guys,

I'm using a VESC 4.12 in combination with a (hall-sensored) BLDC motor. Before FOC control was available, the VESC (and thus the motor) were controlled by an Arduino board via UART using the VescUartControl library by RollingGecko aka Andreas Chaitidis ( Now I have changed the motor control mode from BLDC to FOC mode. Does anyone know if I can still use the same library with its commands? (I don't wanna blow up my hardware, so I thought I'd ask before trying it out)

Or should I go back to BLDC mode / download a different library / use a different communication standard (PPM, CAN...)?

Unrelated question: Does anyone know if the VESC also accepts PWM signals instead of PPM?

Greetings and thanks a lot.


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I'm also not clear about what VESC 4.12 really uses: PWM or PPM ? My controller - it's a Flipky FSESC 4.12 has a receiver cable which takes PPM (see connection diagram). Specs say Frequency PWM input. See Screenshots below. I like to uses the ESP32 to generate PWM signal. Did you get your motor run in FOC mode? Did you use the VescUartControl library for that?

Thank you and Regards


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Can anyone tell me what is the frequency that VESC 4.12 will receive the PWM signals from raspberry pi or arduino? Is it 50HZ or different?

Thank you