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Timeline and Source Openness

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Timeline and Source Openness

I use a 4.12 derived custom hardware with customized 2.18 firmware. I also have a customized BLDC tool to take advantage of some features of my custom firmware.

I'm very impressed with the performance of the VESC and its derivatives, and I'm excited to hear about the new tech that is coming along.

I see from the commit logs and comments in this forum that 3.x firmware may work with 4.12 derived hardware. Is this a good time for me to test that?

What is the status of the HW6 testing and when are the HW6 plans expected to become available?

Will VESC-Tool sources be available at some point?

If not, will the back-end be available such that I could develop my own tools to communicate with the VESC and perform the same tasks without the VESC-Tool GUI?


Thank you Ben, and if you want another beta tester I'd be happy to get involved!

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The source code for VESC Tool and the latest firmware are already available:

I'm working on a reference design based on HW6 that I will finish this week hopefully.

VESC Tool and the latest firmware should work with HW 4.12 and probably also derived hardware. You can download VESC Tool and give it a try.

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Thank you Benjamin,

I'm thrilled with release of the source.  We all have many options for electronic speed controls for BLDC hobby motors, but there's nothing else in the market that has open source code.  That feature makes VESC the clear choice for many people.  

Will there be an announcement of the release on github made on your original website forums?  Only a handful of people have access to VESC-project at the moment.